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About the Yale Student Employment Office

The Yale Student Employment Office (SEO) provides assistance to both students and employers in meeting their employment needs. SEO provides free job posting and on-line application services to the campus and local community. In addition, SEO assists students in completing their employment paperwork and provides satellite payroll services for students. The office also provides electronic timesheet services to the campus.

On Campus Supervisors

  • Request Job Posting Access

This access request provides only basic job posting and on-line applicant review. If you need additional access to hire students or become a timesheet supervisor, have your Business Office make a request through the Business Officer Control Panel on this site.

SEO Student Resources

  • Student Job Search 
  • View Student Jobs List

Don't forget to check out our other services and information once you log-in to the Student Control Panel to your left.

  • Employment Verifications:
    • Fax requests to 203-436-9766

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Video Tutorials

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